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Enroll in Alpha Lion U

Here's Everything You're Getting as an Alpha Lion U Student

  • Full, unlimited access to everything we do at Alpha Lion U for as long as you are enrolled, including…

  • Transformation Classes -- Every month, I’m putting together a small group of guys and holding a private, anonymous, fully interactive class for men who want really quick results with their health and function. There’s transformations for male blood flow, blood sugar, libido, and more...

  • Weekly Experiment Podcasts -- Every week, I’m conducting unique experiments on myself and fellow Alpha Lions to deliver quick and easy solutions to common health and intimacy problems, like upping her drive, raising T, lowering blood pressure, and boosting stamina...

  • Video Protocols -- These are video-based health and intimacy courses with notes and cheat sheets that are constantly being kept up to date and improved upon, designed to give you all the tools you need to succeed on your own. Courses like restoring a teenage metabolism, burning fat, beating prostate problems, and more...

  • Daily Discoveries -- Every evening, I publish my newest discoveries in a free newsletter via email, discoveries that you will never hear about anywhere else with the potential to disrupt the entire medical which treatments are giving men the worst side effects, cheap natural remedies that work faster and often better than the ones from the doc, and so much more...

  • Breakthrough Bonus Reports -- I have more than 100 special bonus reports ranging from topics like restarting her drive to superfoods that fight disease, to techniques that unlock more feeling and sensitivity for a man down there...the list goes on and on!

  • Healthy to 120 eBook -- My best-seller on Amazon with many 5 star reviews written in simple, plain language for men interested in my health discoveries and how I’m planning on living to 120 or beyond.

  • Romance to 120 eBook -- My newest book containing all of my greatest discoveries for how I’m continuing to enjoy great male function and have phenomenal physical intimacy with my wife until 120 or beyond.

  • ...and everything new we are adding every single day!

Why Choose Us?

The #1 expert help for health for men that you will never find anywhere else...

Discreet Billing

your credit card statement will say Matt Cook 8776913328 or or Dailymedicaldiscoveries

Privacy Protection

we never disclose your personal information without your explicit permission anytime whatsoever

$100 Transformation Guarantee

At any point in your journey, if you have made a sincere effort and gone through at least one Transformation fully and completely and still are less than thrilled, simply let us know and I will pay you $100 as my thank you for trying it out and you are welcome to move on without further billing...

Secure Checkout

Your checkout is completely secure on a Order Page using encryption and PCI-compliant technology -- we have never had our security compromised, ever....

You’re also getting award-winning customer support, ready to help and answer any questions you might have throughout your journey, including one-on-one help from me, Matt Cook.

You also have support from a brotherhood of more than 40,000 men who are all working toward the same goal -- the best health and manly function until 120 or beyond!

Total Value: To get every single one of these discoveries individually would be valued at upwards of $40,000 -- but today...

You Pay Only: $79 Today (52% off!)

Feel Confident with My $100 Transformation Guarantee

Feel Confident with My $100 Transformation Guarantee

I think you'll agree that Alpha Lion U is unlike anything you've ever experienced before...

...and you'll find that all of my highly-valued Weekly Experiments, Transformations, courses, protocols, underground reports, newsletters, and more are extremely eye-opening and life-transforming.

And in the very unlikely event, you find Alpha Lion U isn't for you... you can get $100 back and keep both of my eBooks, Healthy to 120 and Romance to 120, along with 32 bonus reports (all together valued at $662.90) as my thank you for trying it out. This applies whether you are a new student or have been with us for years. You are always eligible for the $100 if you have gone through at least one Transformation and are less than thrilled.

For anything you need, any help at all, simply go to or call us at 877-691-3328 toll-free. We work from 9AM to 1AM, a full 16 hours, 7 days a week, even Sundays and holidays, just to help you out.

Why Choose Us?

Discreet Billing

Your credit card statement will say CLICKBANK*COM

Privacy Protection

We never dislose customer information

100% Money Back Guarantee

Unlock The Scrambler is backed by a full 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Secure Checkout

Your Checkout Is Completely Secure On A McAfee Tested SSL Order Page

Simple Terms

  1. You are enjoying an All Access Pass to everything for a full year, for just $79 per month for 12 months.
  2. The All Access Pass to every video course, experiment podcast, transformation class, bonus report, and more...valued at thousands and thousands of dollars...even the new things being added daily, with full access...for as long as you are enrolled at Alpha Lion U!
  3. If you are unable to take care of the tuition, regretfully your privileges will end along with your access.
  4. If you give at least one Transformation a full sincere try, and go through it completely, and you are not thrilled, notify us and we’ll pay you $100 and you can cease paying anything further.
  5. You agree that Matt and his team do not provide medical advice. You will not consider the information provided, including one-on-one assessments and emails, as a replacement for getting qualified medical advice. You agree to have your Big Boy Pants on and take FULL responsibility and not try to claim Matt or his team is responsible if things turn south, you get sicker or you croak. If you do something that Matt or his team suggests, you do it with full responsibility for the consequences. Everything has a risk and life itself is ultimately fatal, so this seems fair, and you have to agree that it is, or we will not be able to work together.
  6. After signing this you have three business days to cancel and we will refund you in full.

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