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Kick Start Your Body

  • Creates long lasting and firm erections
  • Fixes blood sugar issues without medications
  • For men who want great health and great sex

What They Say About Us!

Yes, please -- give me instant access to Kick Start for men! It’s nearly mine, at a price I’ll NEVER see again. I promise you a GREAT testimonial, Matt. My Kick Start Protocol for men includes:

1.) The Complete System ($1997 Value) The shockingly simple method, backed up by multiple studies, that takes minutes to implement, and that often stops diabetes symptoms, restoring normal blood sugar, and bringing you the great erections you remember from decades ago.

2.) Life-changing sippy cup activity explained ($97 Value), I will be able to use the simple sippy cup activity to kick start my body into burning sugar again and experience all of the benefits that come with a sugar-burning metabolism like perfect blood sugar, normal blood pressure, less belly fat, better erections, and more sexual stamina.

3.) Digitally Mastered Audios, Videos and Transcripts ($97 Value) So I can discover the secrets of having a normal life without any more fistfuls of pills, with perfect blood sugar, perfect blood pressure, and great erections, on my terms, whenever I want.

4.) One-on-one help with Matt Cook himself (priceless) Whenever I’m feeling stuck or need some help, I can just email Matt directly. He personally answers every email he gets from men in this brotherhood, and he’s here to make sure I succeed beyond my wildest dreams.

5.) Surprise Bonuses ($984 Value) – I'll receive another set of really VALUABLE surprise bonuses that will be waiting for me when I log in….full bonus courses Matt just finished, including how to be dominant in bed, how to finger her to multiple orgasms with NEW techniques, how to make her cum with nothing but my voice, how to have sex every day, how to get her to be MUCH MUCH more adventurous, and so much more. I can't wait!

Our Guarantee: Try It First, Then Take 60 Days to Decide…

Your happiness and success is backed up by my total satisfaction and happiness guarantee.

When you say yes today, you’re simply agreeing to TRY my system to see if you like it.

Your payment is refundable any time during the first 60 days. Plus, you have our 24 hour, 7 days a week customer service team to help you any time.

Simply shoot a message to one of our cheerful, helpful team members at

You can message us whenever you want, at any hour of the day, with any problem you have -- you don’t even have to remember your order number.

We generally answer within 15 minutes during business hours, but you can also call 877-691-3328 toll-free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get help.


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You can STILL claim your refund of $67 any time in 60 days, for any reason or no reason.

First time buyers ONLY get 14 days of Alpha Lions. It includes 120 hours of training, two live coaching calls, monthly master class, and Matt's exclusive Brotherhood mastermind. If you love it, it's just $79 after 14 days, and again for each month you want to stay. It will be automatically put on the card at that time, with "easy renew", unless you tell us not to by simply contacting us.

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