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What if you had a roadmap leading you towards your happiest, healthiest, most romantically-fulfilled life...

...a step-by-step guide that effortlessly unfolds your full potential in every area of your health and manly function...

...and allows you to make an extraordinary transformation into the man you've always wanted to be...

So no matter your age, what you look like, your physical fitness level, or what medical issues you're currently dealing with... can still be living and feeling like a healthy, virile teenager with a beautiful woman by your side until your last day on this planet!

Well good news -- that roadmap exists right here at Alpha Lion U.

Alpha Lion U is a completely new world... incredible life-altering place where you are completely transforming your health and romantic prowess as a man.

And it feels effortless...because you are tackling each issue in bite-size chunks and making rapid progress...

As soon as you step onto campus here at Alpha Lion U, your journey begins and it takes you to places you never thought possible.

For instance, you may start by quickly lowering your pressure by 10 or 15 points, or maybe by doubling your energy levels naturally in just a week...

And before you know it, you're also getting better blood flow, better function as a man...

And your stamina is're lasting longer and longer...and things with your wife or girlfriend are better than ever...

This is what's possible at Alpha Lion U.

Now meet Mike, an Alpha Lion U student...

Mike first became an Alpha Lion U student when he was in his late 50s.

When he started, he was very overweight and in bad health, with no desire and no woman in his life...

And now at 67 years old, Mike is in the best shape of his entire life.

He weighs 72 pounds less than he did back then, he's feeling healthier than ever, and he's very romantically active.

In fact, he says he has no problem lasting 30 minutes or more now!

Big Fan for many years, came across your info when in my fifties, obese, no desire….

Now at 66 as a result of your teachings, 72 pounds less, very active sexually, last for 30 minutes easily, just want more,

Curious what u “got in the bag” for us, men.


And meet "BH", another Alpha Lion U student, 58 years old and loving it...

BH joined right after his father passed away from diabetes complications.

He started with my video protocol for blood sugar, and ended up joining several other courses after that.

And now his testosterone is 830 and higher than most guys in their twenties!

Which is perfect... because BH is now dating women in their early twenties and he couldn't be happier.

I first found you AFTER my father had died due to diabetes and that f’ing Metformin crap. You nailed everything in the diabetes program..

I then joined some other programs.

I am 58 and right now I am hooking up with a 27-year-old 😊 Before that with a 22-year-old. My testosterone is like 830.


This is exactly what Alpha Lion U is all about.

And it doesn't matter when you start.

As soon as you enroll in Alpha Lion U, your journey begins and your successes come so often and so fast, you are beating out guys who are 20 or 30 years younger...

They will only be able to watch in awe as you beat them at work, on the court, and with women their own age.

Just try to remember and leave some scraps for the rest of us!

You're in great company at Alpha Lion U with men like Jamie, a freshman student...

Jamie has only been enrolled at Alpha Lion U for a few weeks, but he's already noticing his function getting better as a man.

In just 4 days, he began seeing results.

And he's already enjoying more energy and stamina, and says he's starting to feel like a new, younger man.

And he's looking forward to even more quick improvements.

Since signing up to Matt’s programs, I have noticed a difference in better erection quality, overall energy and stamina. Its only been 3 weeks so I am seeing good signs and looking forward to more improvements.


And meet another Alpha Lion U student -- his name is Teddy.

Teddy just completed my Fat Depletion protocol and can't believe the results.

He's enjoying more muscle mass without even having to work out as hard as he used to.

And he has more energy and clarity than before.

Teddy has even improved his sleep, his heart rate, and his metabolism.

His entire health is transforming...

Hey Matt this is Teddy I hope your doing well I just finished the 3 week fat depletion protocol and I’m impressed with the results I didn’t lose much weight however I have more energy and clarity than before and I feel like I’m retaining muscle mass better.

It’s like I don’t even have to work out as hard I even go days without working out and feel fine. My temps are getting better I average around 98.0 throughout the day and fall back to 97.7 in the late evening and close to sleep. My heart rate stays at rest 80bpm to 90-100 when I’m moving around.

So thank you for all that you have found and we’re willing to share it’s helping me out so much.

And this is only the beginning for Teddy and Jamie...

...and for you...

About Matt Cook

Hey, Matt Cook here, and I’m an independent health researcher specializing in men’s health and romantic function.

With over two decades of experience, traveling the world to meet with experts, scientists, doctors, and other health researchers…

...I’m proud to say my discoveries have helped more than 40,000 men transform their health and performance!

But before I became a health researcher, I was just a man...

I was a man in poor health, taking more than 8 different treatments, convinced I was going to die before I turned 50...

Worse still, I couldn’t be with my wife the way I wanted to. Our romantic life was fading away…

I was seeing all kinds of doctors and nothing was working. In fact, I was just getting worse…

I was almost out of hope, almost out of solutions. But still, I couldn’t help thinking:

Surely there must be an easier, more natural way to transform my health and function as a man?

So I did the only thing I could think of… I started reading dozens of scientific studies a day...

I began learning from experts, studying other brilliant health researchers from decades past and trying their discoveries.

And then I started putting my own twist on things...making my own discoveries and remedies and experimenting on myself…

And now, I’m in my 60s, in excellent health, taking zero treatments from the doc…

My T levels are nearly 900, my blood pressure is 120/70, I have perfect blood sugar and my metabolism hums like a teenager’s…

And better yet, I’m enjoying terrific manly function. In fact, things with my lovely wife, Jodi, are better than ever.

Many of my friends and family are eager to tell us how much we act like newlyweds...

...always tender and loving, and happy to be together...even after more than 30 years of marriage...

So when my friends and family started asking for our secrets, I decided to start sharing my discoveries with any man who wants them!

That’s why I started Alpha Lion U -- a brotherhood of men who want the power to transform their lives and be happier, healthier, and more romantically fulfilled.

I truly love helping other men transform their health and function the way I have.

My passion is helping others, which is why I’m always available for men to contact at any time.

I usually receive dozens of emails a day and I respond to all of them.

In fact, you can contact me right now -- just send me an email at!

As Seen On ABC News

Matt Cook’s #1 bestseller on Amazon with many 5 star reviews

Matt Cook’s newest book for men (and women)

Matt Cook racing the occasional 10K (always barefoot, in touch with the Earth)

Everything You’re Getting

You’re Getting an All Access Pass to Alpha Lion U!

Weekly Experiment Podcasts

Every week, I’m conducting unique experiments on myself and fellow Alpha Lions to deliver quick and easy solutions to common health and intimacy problems.

Transformation Classes

Every month, I’m putting together a small group of guys and holding a private, anonymous, interactive class for men who want really quick results with their health and function.

Video Protocols

These are video-based health and intimacy courses with notes and cheat sheets that are constantly being kept up to date and improved upon.

Daily Discoveries

Every evening, I publish my newest discoveries in a free newsletter via email -- discoveries that you will never hear about anywhere else with the potential to disrupt the entire medical industry.

Breakthrough Bonus Reports

I have more than 100 special bonus reports ranging from topics like restarting her drive to superfoods that fight disease, to techniques that unlock more feeling and sensitivity for a man down there...the list goes on and on!

Healthy to 120 eBook

My best-seller on Amazon with many 5 star reviews written in simple, plain language for men interested in my health discoveries and how I’m planning on living to 120 or beyond.

Romance to 120 eBook

My newest book containing all of my greatest discoveries for how I’m continuing to enjoy great male function and have phenomenal physical intimacy with my wife until 120 or beyond.

And so much more!

New things are constantly being added to the Alpha Lion U members area -- just as fast as I make my discoveries! So when you are enrolled, you get full, unlimited access to everything coming up. This way, you never miss a thing!

Sneak Peek

Here’s a Sneak Peek at My Upcoming Transformation Class -- Vascular Maximizer!

How it works is this...

Let's start with the main problem that aging men are facing.

We all know that the problem is one of insufficient blood flow. But what does that mean?

Good blood flow happens because of blood vessels that are clear and flexible.

As men get older, their blood vessels get narrower and stiffer and clog up...

And this bad blood flow is a big problem when it comes to our male health...

Because when blood flow is bad, men tend to diminish in both size and function.

...or at least that's what men think is the main problem.

But I've actually discovered something else...

Something that's completely changing how men are treating and fixing their poor performance...

Because I've discovered something that is hugely important to good male health... Way more important than clogging and plaque and poor flexibility.

What I've found is that the real issue is actually one of poor muscle tone!

Yep, it turns out that every blood vessel is actually surrounded by a type of muscle called smooth muscle.

And in men who have poor male performance or even no performance, their smooth muscle is very poor and very weak.

They have very poor, very weak masculine muscles. Just like if they had weak biceps and couldn't lift heavy weights.

And smooth muscle isn't like skeletal muscle, such as biceps or glutes...

No, smooth muscle is different.

Smooth muscle is actually 2 to 3 times MORE powerful than skeletal muscle.

And it turns out that if you can get the smooth muscle stimulated, then effects start to happen.

Effects like additional blood flow to below the belt...

And even better than additional blood flow, effects like the blood vessels actually sprouting NEW vessels in a very special process....

This special process that stimulates better blood flow and additional blood vessels is a discovery that's the key to my entire method...

This special process is a powerful phenomenon called mechano-transduction.

Mechano-transduction is the use of simple exercises that trigger the release of a cascade of growth chemicals such as VEGF, TNF-alpha, and cytokines...

This cascade of growth chemicals then produces major improvements in the smooth muscle tone, and in blood flow and new blood vessel growth.

So what if you could work out these powerful smooth muscles down there, stimulating them to trigger the release of these growth chemicals...

...while also enjoying yourself at the same time?

That's just what I've discovered -- I've found simple and pleasurable activities that let men work out the smooth muscle down there...

Work out as if they are lifting weights...

...but it's not lifting weights, it's something else, simple activities that are incredibly pleasurable and that quickly increase a man's smooth muscle.

With mechano-transduction, these simple activities are stimulating the building of new blood vessels and new tissues.

The activities I've created will help virtually any man regain function by building the smooth muscle down there.

And that's what we'll be doing in the upcoming Vascular Maximizer class!

Want to join?

Alpha Lion Case Studies

“Matt, I want to thank you for putting together the most awesome, life-transforming information I have ever discovered. After taking several of your courses I have enough information to last me for the rest of my life. The journey you have sent me on is never ending and as I continue to work your program my life will continue to transform as I progress. Thanks again, Matt, and I look forward to taking further courses from you.”

--Jim S.

“I have acquired several of your programs (Ageless Body, Testosterone Rewind, and others). They offer the best health advice available! Your protocols are the most science based, up to date, affordable and easy to implement. I credit them with my good health and medication free existence.”


“Dear Matt, I have bought several of your courses or protocols or whatever you call them and I just wanted to let you know they work and I am so grateful for your help. You deserve a medal for saving men's lives.”


“Working on your program for the past 3 weeks. It is everything you say it is. Seriously helped me. The best part is that I didn't think I needed the help...I never knew how empty was my cup until it was filled.”


“Dear Matt, I Love your protocols. All of them and I shall ensure that I get all of them irrespective of what they cost. Thank you for your time, energy and resources to open our eyes to make us enjoy life far beyond our expectations.”


“First of all, can I just say this: Your products are stunning. Just stunning. Insightful, clear, deep, and very indicative of the HEART that you put into them. Congratulations and thank you. Seriously.”


Transform Your Health and Function as a Man With Simple Bite-Size Tasks That Deliver Quick, Satisfying Results

The Alpha Lion U brotherhood combines the power of sharing your successes, daily and weekly micro-activities, and the world’s leading health researcher and intimacy coach to help you dramatically transform into the man you’re meant to be.

Personal Access to Matt Cook

When you’re an Alpha Lion U student, you get unlimited, personal access to me, Matt Cook, and my team. In each Transformation Class, you’ll be communicating on an interactive basis directly with me and my team, for the exact help you need, when you need it.

Extraordinary Transformations in Just 20 Minutes, 3 Times Per Week

By engaging in weekly bite-size activities and exercises, you’re constantly experiencing quick successes with minimal effort that is bolstering your confidence and fueling your momentum along the way. And by breaking it down into chunks like this, it’s never overwhelming. This way, you can do it all on your own time, whenever works best for you.

We’re All in This Together

At Alpha Lion U, there are multiple ways to engage and share successes with fellow students. Imagine thousands of like-minded guys from all over the world supporting you, inspiring you, and holding you accountable to your highest potential. In this brotherhood of men, we are all equals no matter where we’re starting from.

How a Transformation Class Works

Enroll in an Upcoming Transformation

Once you take care of your tuition, you as an Alpha Lion U student get exclusive access to all of my new and upcoming Transformation classes along with all video courses, all protocols, all weekly members-only podcasts and experiments and live's an All-Access Pass to your total health and sex transformation.

All you have to do is enroll and your transformation begins!

Here's a look at our upcoming Transformation schedule:

Vascular Maximizer

I've discovered mechano-transduction, a natural way of maximizing the amount of vascularity a man is getting all over the body, for better function, better girth, and better performance.

And though it sounds complicated, I've found a way to make mechano-transduction really, really simple...

...with just a quick male-member workout activity you do at home each week to naturally add size, strength, and lasting power...

And if you've tried other methods, this is NOTHING like them. There is no stretching or weights, no jelqing, and you don't need to take any supplements or crazy pills either...

Blood Sugar Transformation

I've perfected a quick and easy “sippy cup” activity for men who want great blood sugar, great energy levels, and great rockiness.

The way this works is by getting the body to use sugar for energy again -- so instead of sugar piling up in your bloodstream, it goes to work powering you up and enhancing your performance as a man...and blood sugar drops on its own...

Testosterone and Libido Maximizer

I will show you a landmark method of doubling or tripling testosterone that uses a few simple ingredients available almost anywhere...

...I will show you how to do it, and you will begin getting great results within a few weeks and terrific results within a few months.

You'll see how estrogen excess is causing many of your health issues and how a few simple daily practices will result in massively better function and better health by lowering estrogen levels in your body...

If you are taking testosterone I'll show you how to use much less and get much better results than you ever thought possible.

I'll show you an option for using a little known and far better alternative to testosterone that you can try out and discuss with your doctor.

By the time you have completed this Transformation Class your testosterone and libido will be through the roof and you'll be feeling like a teenager again.

Teenage Metabolism

Metabolic rate is like the gas pedal of your car.

I have found over 150 ailments men are suffering from that are caused by a low and slow metabolic rate, as if your car won't accelerate more than 5 miles per hour.

You'll see for the first time crystal clear easy instructions for raising your metabolic can have the metabolism of a teenager again...

You'll find out how to get a few critical supplements, and how to use'll be so successful with this that your doctor will be asking advice from you...

...I've found men who raise their metabolism have fiercely good function and terrific health. There is even ample evidence that cancer can recede when your metabolism is brought up to a high level.

Fat Loss Transformation

Most men are exercising too much and eating too little. They have a fatty liver and this prevents them from losing belly fat.

So in the Fat Loss Transformation, you'll be cleaning out your liver. This will increase your metabolic rate. You'll be suppressing harmful free fatty acids in the blood, and getting your body more into a youthful sugar burning mode.

We'll be freeing ourselves from the curse of certain foods that are killing our efforts to lose fat -- no wonder we can't lose fat, these foods make it impossible to lose fat and they will surprise you.

We'll show you how to prepare foods at home and eat out so that it's easy to keep losing fat and everything we do will result in you NEVER being hungry.

...and there are many more Transformations right around the corner!

Step-by-Step Interactive Guidance with Matt Cook

After you tell me your story, I will be replying to your email directly with my thoughts and steps for how best to get you started on your personal transformation, and be there to help you every step of the way.

You also have my support team and the entire Alpha Lion U community of brothers to lean on -- so you’ll never find yourself stuck, alone, by yourself and struggling.

We give you very simple steps to follow, and if you follow them, you are bound to experience tremendous success. And I’ve found, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it!

Begin Your Transformational Journey

With each step, you’ll get just two or three things to do each week for 10 or 20 minutes at a time and follow-up with me. This isn’t just a bunch of videos -- it’s a highly interactive journey that you will be making on your own time, at your convenience!

As you move through, you’ll complete an assessment and interact with me, Matt, on your progress. My goal is to get you enjoying quick successes and make everything actionable, so you end up where you want to be on the fastest, most pleasurable timeframe for you!

3 Powerful Advantages Only Available Now

1. Time-Sensitive Offer: Special Membership Tuition Rate - 52% Off

Today, I’m making Alpha Lion U more affordable than ever...

For the first time, any man can enroll in Alpha Lion U and pay the lowest price ever at a whopping 52% off for an All Access Pass to everything we ever do.

This is thousands of dollars worth of Transformation classes, Weekly Experiments, newsletters, bonus reports, and more...constantly being updated and added to and growing in value -- all yours for just a flat, low monthly fee...the lowest price ever offered!

Never before have I been authorized to make such an extraordinary offer. And unfortunately, I can’t promise that it will be available forever…

Soon, this offer may disappear and it could come back, or it may not come back ever. I urge you to take it now before it’s gone!

2. Try Alpha Lion U for 30 Days: You Don’t Even Have to Make Up Your Mind Right Now

You have an extraordinary opportunity right now to explore everything Alpha Lion U has to offer with an All-Access Pass. So you get access to all the courses, the bonus reports, the experiments, and transformations, and everything else being added all the time, even as you read this!

So for 30 full days, you can be transforming your health and prowess as a man...recapturing that feeling you had 20 or more years ago, when you could beat out any other guy in the room...

And if you love the new you after 30 days, do nothing and your Alpha Lion U membership will automatically continue, with $79 being charged to your credit or debit card on file for the first month, and then every month thereafter.

If for some reason you choose to cancel, visit and one of my team members will take care of it for you right away.

3. Feel Confident with My Money-Back Guarantee

All I ask is that you have enrolled in and participated in at least one Transformation. If you have gone through at least one Transformation, and you are not satisfied with your results...simply let me know and I’ll refund you $100 as a thank you for trying things out.

I think you’ll agree that Alpha Lion U is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before...

...and you’ll find that all of my highly-valued Weekly Experiments, Transformations, courses, protocols, underground reports, newsletters, and more are extremely eye-opening and life-transforming.

And in the very unlikely event, you find Alpha Lion U isn’t for you... you can get $100 back and keep both of my eBooks, Healthy to 120 and Romance to 120, along with 32 bonus reports (all together valued at $662.90) as my thank you for trying it out. This applies whether you are a new student or have been with us for years.

Simply go to or call us at 877-691-3328 toll-free. We work from 9AM to 1AM, a full 16 hours, 7 days a week, even Sundays and holidays, just to help you out.

Special Tuition Rate: 52% Off When You Enroll in Alpha Lion U Today!

Secure Your Spot in Alpha Lion U

Here’s everything you’re getting as an Alpha Lion U student:

  • Full, unlimited access to everything we do at Alpha Lion U for as long as you are enrolled, including…
  • Weekly Experiment Podcasts
  • Transformation Classes
  • Video Protocols
  • Daily Discoveries
  • Breakthrough Bonus Reports
  • Healthy to 120 eBook
  • Romance to 120 eBook
  • ...and everything new we are adding every single day!

You’re also getting award-winning customer support, ready to help and answer any questions you might have throughout your journey, including one-on-one help from me, Matt Cook.

You also have support from a brotherhood of more than 40,000 men who are all working toward the same goal -- the best health and manly function until 120 or beyond!

You’re Also Getting These Amazing Perks When You Enroll Today!

BONUS: Personalized Interactive Guidance with Matt Cook

Great news: I’ve worked it all out with my schedule so I can connect with every single Alpha Lion U student, and give you and every other man personalized, one-on-one help on your individual journey.

This is the perfect way to ensure you experience success with steps that are tailored to you and your specific situation. Coaching like this usually costs around $16,000 with a months-long waiting list… but when you enroll in Alpha Lion U today, you get me as your personal friend and mentor for just the price you see below!

All Access Pass

You’re getting unrestricted access to everything we ever do at Alpha Lion U for as long as you are enrolled, at no extra cost, for one small flat monthly charge. This means no matter how much new stuff we add, you’re getting access to it all...forever!

Special Offer Today -- 52% Off

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$100 Transformation Guarantee

At any point you feel you’re not getting the transformation you thought, we’ll send you $100 for just trying it out. As long as you complete a full transformation of course!

Special Tuition Rate for Alpha Lions U -- 52% Off
Normally $2,000 per year

Today, it’s just $2.63 a day to start your journey, which costs less than a good cup of coffee in the morning.

As Antonio writes the other day:

“I just want to write to let you know how intrigued and impressed I am at the numerous collection of lessons to choose from...!!

“Thanks you so so very much for this gift of knowledge you have made available for such a reasonable economic price that a poor person like me can afford to have access to this valuable life changing information...”

Men will spend $10,000 or $100,000 on a medical procedure and what if they stay healthy and don’t need that procedure?

In that case, the investment for Alpha Lion U is peanuts...

And best of all, this special price includes everything so there is nothing further to buy...because you are getting an All Access Pass to Everything We Ever Do, which would require over $40,000 if you were to buy each course and protocol individually...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For the first time ever, I’ve decided to lower the price for any man who enrolls in Alpha Lion U right now, today...

The reason I’m doing this is because I believe so strongly in what we are doing here at Alpha Lion U and the unbelievably inspiring and motivating Transformations that are taking place -- and I know that it only gets better the longer you stay!

Alpha Lion U is for any man who wants to embark on an extraordinary journey to get the best health and manly function possible for as long as possible…

...hopefully until 120 or beyond!

So with just a few interactive bite-size pieces, you are going from feeling small, limp, and low in confidence to enjoying much bigger, fuller, and impressive-looking manliness...

You’re taking high blood pressure or high blood sugar, and you’re finally lowering it...

You’re escaping the chronic pain and embarrassment of prostate issues that you’ve been suffering from for years...

You’re gaining massive blood flow for amazing function again…

You’re giving your metabolism a boost, increasing your stamina and endurance, and building muscle without even trying…

And you’re doing it all naturally, at home on your own, without pills or constant check-ups.

This is the power of Alpha Lion U!

Look, just by being on this page, you are already starting your journey!

You are already miles ahead of other men and taking a step most men never take…

Whenever you’re ready, Alpha Lion U is here for you to dip your toe into...

It may not seem like it, but you’re already making positive choices for the better!

Because now this incredible resource is just a click away, right here for whenever you need it.

So when the time is right, you’ll be back here -- ready and hungry to continue your journey!

Great news! At the end of the 30-day All Access Pass, we are simply processing a month’s tuition on the card you have given us.

So since you are loving what your life is becoming... keep going with the Transformations, experiments and all the benefits without interruption. We are processing the tuition monthly so you never have to worry about losing your progress.

If you ever have a concern or question, simply visit for quick and efficient help from real people -- our team works 18 hours a day, 7 days a week so we generally can respond within minutes, even on Christmas and New Years.

The beauty of Alpha Lion U is that you can listen to the Weekly Experiments, try the protocols, and do the Transformations at any time, from anywhere on Earth.

You can be anywhere and work at any time of day or night, as often as you want, even a few minutes here or there if that’s what you have.

Since every man’s journey is different, Alpha Lion U is set up to give you full control over when you’re participating.

So you get the most out of it without time limits or expiration dates!

“Tell me a few things to do, Matt, and I’ll do them,” is what so many men have told me.

And that is how and why Transformations were born.

Because it can be tough to learn from videos and audios today, due to the demands of modern life.

And, men have often told me they want help as they go along.

So with that in mind, I created the world’s first Transformations -- bite-sized instructions you can get any time, day or night, in a few minutes...with a few specific things to do, to get results.

The neat thing is these are highly interactive... wherever you are, you’ll get individualized help from me and my hand-picked team... help you through to the next level of performance and health.

It’s as if you have me by your side coaching and helping you -- but it’s all done via the Transformations.

You’re never left on your own, alone and struggling.

You have me, my team, and a whole brotherhood of men for ongoing support as you achieve greater and greater health and romantic benefits.

When you enroll in Alpha Lion U, you start on a path to a complete transformation...

...where you are not just fixing one thing, but transforming your entire health and function as a man, step by step... bite-size pieces that makes it super easy to follow and never overwhelming.

For instance, perhaps you start on the path and your first stop is a fully interactive class where you will anonymously and privately promote massive manly blood flow…

...then the path takes you to raising T and libido through the roof...

...and it continues... fixing blood sugar, blood pressure, fat depletion and so much more...

Instead of paying a la carte, you get an All Access Pass to Everything, never an extra charge or cost.

And I’m with you every step of the way in your transformation journey.

Classes and courses only need an hour a week from you to start delivering powerful, life-changing results!

Look, every man's journey is different...

So I can't promise that your life will change unless you give it a real effort...

...but what I can say is that I've yet to work with a man who hasn't found success.

Every single man who has made this investment in himself has gotten results.

Now granted, some men may not have gotten the results they expected -- but they all got results!

Usually beyond their wildest dreams, where they are experiencing better function and stamina and drive than they have in years,,,

...totally transforming their lives in meaningful, lasting ways...especially when it comes to maintaining a fulfilling relationship with a woman...

All I ask is that you have enrolled in and participated in at least one Transformation. If you have gone through at least one Transformation, and you are not satisfied with your results...simply let me know and I'll refund you $100 as a thank you for trying things out.

I think you'll agree that Alpha Lion U is unlike anything you've ever experienced before...

...and you'll find that all of my highly-valued Weekly Experiments, Transformations, courses, protocols, underground reports, newsletters, and more are extremely eye-opening and life-transforming.

And in the very unlikely event, you find Alpha Lion U isn't for you... you can get $100 back and keep both of my eBooks, Healthy to 120 and Romance to 120, along with 32 bonus reports (all together valued at $662.90) as my thank you for trying it out. This applies whether you are a new student or have been with us for years. You are always eligible for the $100 if you have gone through at least one Transformation and are less than thrilled.

For anything you need, any help at all, simply go to or call us at 877-691-3328 toll-free. We work from 9AM to 1AM, a full 16 hours, 7 days a week, even Sundays and holidays, just to help you out.

Here Are Just Some of the Successes Alpha Lion U Students Are Experiencing

“Humble gratitude for your efforts and your compilation of this most important information. You are changing lives and helping people to help themselves. I can think of no greater calling.”


“I want to thank you for the amazing work and the courses you have. I am not regretting paying for all the program's I have purchased. they all have value for money (my girlfriend also want to thank you for the satisfaction she have from the results i have seen from the programs!)”


“This is great. Yesterday was one week on the sippy cup routine. I actually feel stronger and my soreness is down. I am using the workout routines... I think this may be working. I did have a Coke with dinner and I didn't have a headache last night. You actually may not be a huckster. Amazing!”


“Good evening Matt, I've been a member since last year and I enjoy using your protocols! I've been on the Aspirin protocol and the jungle juice since the beginning of this month. I've been doing the dhea and pregnenolone and androsterone on my thighs and the iodine with coconut oil on my scrotum since december.

I have also been to this day on the 2,000mg caffeine to cleanse fatty liver protocol since December. I feel so much better! I am also following the penile fibrosis protocol (serrapeptase and the androvacuum and ultrasonic machine) since january 1st. My member is beginning to straighten out!!!”


“Thank you so much for providing such invaluable services! Your contribution seems to be truly positive and beneficial. So, on behalf of all mankind: sincere thanks and well wishes for you and your organization.”


“Love your programs as I continue to see improvements. I was with my wife last night for 30 minutes and again this morning for 30 minutes! I could have been with her in the middle of the night but she was tired and wanted to sleep! Sometimes things don’t work as well and I’m not able to function, but I encourage myself in your teachings.

And you talk about producing your prosperity mindset when you feel like you’re getting your fair share of romance. I went from a job where I was making 30,000 a year to a job where I’m making over $200,000 a year since I started your program! How’s that for abundance?

Thank you for sharing all of this wonderful knowledge on increasing levels of testosterone and libido, oxytocin levels, how to increase sensitivity and all the other invaluable knowledge that you are sharing- I really appreciate you, Matt, and what you’ve done for me in my life! Thank you!!”


“Being a holistic practitioner I personally search for the root causes of conditions in my body, at age 67 I have a great vantage point in being able to look back at some of my misguided eating and supplementing practices. Having found Matt's discoveries has been a blessing. I'm on the road to recovery from severe problems with function in my manhood. Matt's protocols are not bandaid fixes but rather are actual science based approaches in helping men getting their health back on track ESPECIALLY when it comes to rockiness.”

--Joe C

“I wanted to update you on how your courses have IMPROVED my situation on low thyroid and cholesterol levels -- my Blood tests came back last week and my TSH is now 0.14! It has come down from 0.8 in 6 weeks time. This combination has made the best improvement to my everyday energy and overall good feeling! This is huge! Thank you. My docs response to the above was "I am over medicating you and taking you down to 88 mcg of T4!”


“With all the bs floating out there, guys can get swindled out of a lot of money. I've found that just about everything anyone is teaching out there is stuff you already cover, better explained, in more detail and just plain truthfully and with background understanding you just don't get from other supposed "gurus".

Heck, it seems so many others are just trying to make money out of simplifying what you teach. No one has a learning format like you do, where You go at your own pace. You just go to the topic you want to learn about today and after listening to short videos, sometimes several times, it just clicks and you get it and it's like the most simple obvious thing. You wonder why I hadn't figured this out before, it's really easy and natural.

Why doesn't our society pass this info down from fathers to sons or even in some school curriculum. I mean it's vital stuff you need to know in life. I want others to discover what I've discovered from listening to you and just stop wasting their time and money on so many other bs salespeople out there trying to profit from the desperation so many of us feel in their lives.”

--Alfonso, from Ponce, PR
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